Sunday, May 1, 2005

Max Orient (Kenwood Mall)

I decided to try Max Orient at Kenwood Mall’s food court, because, why the hell not?  I had never eaten at a Max Orient before, but all of the usual suspects where there.  I went through the line rather quickly, the service wasn’t bad or a hassle.  The food?  I enjoyed.  First off, I ate my chicken and mushrooms entrée; popular at most Asian mall eateries.  Not bad… not good.  Next, I tackled their specialty, barbeque chicken.  It was rather tasty, similar to famed bourbon chicken, yet unique.  It was very good entrée choice.  I opted for the noodles over the rice; which in retrospect was a poor decision, the noodles themselves were lukewarm and packed with too many vegetables.  I ordered two crab wontons for $.99, which was a fabulous move on my behalf.  They were delicious.  Lastly, I had a Cherry Coke that was borderline standard.  Overall, for just a lunch, this was a good meal.  I was satisfied with the quality of the food, and enjoyed eating.

Overall Grade: B 

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