Saturday, June 25, 2005

Dinner At Home #1

So, we got the bright idea to save a little bit on spending, grab some cheap ingredients from the local grocer, and make dinner at home.  The results?  You’ll just have to find out for yourself…

As you can see above, a ragtag group of edibles I dubbed “The Usual Italian Dinner Suspects”.  I was then promptly called by an attorney and issued a lawsuit.  So, they’re now collectively known as “Food”.  We’ve got Healthy Harvest whole-wheat spaghetti, for the health conscious readers out there.  Also making appearances are traditional Ragu sauce, generic Ranch flavored croutons, generic grated Parmesan cheese, Dole salad mix, and whole-wheat bread.

Amanda admittedly did most of the cooking and preparation; I sat idly by thinking of Aquaman wrestling Jesus in mud.  Amanda isn’t a trained cook, although she has aspirations of the culinary sort, and has logged many hours in front of the television watching Iron Chef reruns.  Please don’t mind the mess that in fact is my family’s kitchen… we do our best.  Also, while I’m at it, pay no attention that I’m wearing a t-shirt with the visage of Wally Gator on it, okay?

The food… how’d it rank?  Honestly, not bad, and allow me expound upon that sentiment.  The salad is the undeclared victor of flavor; it’s both healthy, rather cheap, and delicious.  The spaghetti itself, while not bad… isn’t anything to necessarily write home about.  But, given the circumstances, I’d be wrong to complain.  It was relatively simple to make, and cheap and nutritious, so I can take the bad with the good in this case.  The bread, although not pictured, was a key addition to the overall meal.  We baked it, getting it nice and hot, spread a little margarine on it, and the rest was home dining heaven.

We were all smiles and content with our dining experience.  What should be taken from this isn’t that making food at home is always better, although it often can be and is, but the experience of making it and enjoying the labors of your efforts in the end.  It’s an extremely rewarding feeling, especially when sharing it with others, whether it is one significant person, or a small dinner party of guests.

As a small mini-review, I had the new Coca-Cola with Lime (or Lame) with dinner.  I like Coca-Cola, always have, and I’m a huge fan of lime, too.  In fact, at several restaurants, I’ve been known to drop a fresh lime or lemon in my soda for an extra-added boost in flavor.  I was pretty excited about this concoction, but I think they got the formula all wrong… it’s just too sweet.  Maybe it’ll grow on me, who knows?  In closing, I had a wonderful time eating dinner… thanks for participating and feeding me Amanda!  To those more ambitious readers, I’d definitely recommend having your own “dinner at home” extravaganzas.

Overall Grade: B+ 

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