Friday, September 30, 2005

Space Slurps

What the hell are Space Slurps?  I don’t know.  But, I can fondly recall getting gummy candies in similar packaging as a youth.  I vividly remember throwing comparatively major fits in drug stores, trying to persuade my Mom that eating artificially flavored dinosaurs in wacky color schemes was a good idea.

Here’s the packaging and official logo.  Fans of video games will notice the character on the left looks very similar to Samus Aran from the popular Meteroid series.

Here’s our first gooey gladiator from space.  A menacing robotic creature emblazoned in the colors of Hulkamania.  He was kind of tasty.

Here we see two gummy satellites, or are these spaceships?  Either way they blow.

This thing was so sticky that it actually stood upright like shown.  I was briefly entertained.

And here’s a final look at some of the other gummy goliaths.  These things are actually kind of fun to eat, albeit this particular batch was pretty stale.  So, spread the word about Space Slurps and begin your own individual search for them.  Or don’t.

Overall Grade: C+