Saturday, May 11, 2013

Five for $5 Dollar Store Challenge feat. RtW, Dino Drac, & VM

Wow!  So, this is actually happening.  I'm getting to from a team with the creator of my all-time favorite website and also one of my best Internet buddies.  Together we make a sort of super-heroic all-star team of the Internet pop culture set -- as unplanned as your last pregnancy but arguably as fun!

Our mission?  Spend $5 at a dilapidated dollar store.  Share your finds.  We all went into this boldly and bravely.  Let's see what we got!

My video!

At 18 min. mine is the epic but I'm placing it here first so as not to The Godfather III myself.

Matt's (Dinosaur Dracula) video!

This is crazy.  This would be like, say, a young songwriter getting to make a cameo on his favorite musician's new record.  Or an aspiring basketball player being asked to shoot hoops with Lebron.  Just doesn't happen.  Matt's X-Entertainment and now Dinosaur Dracula are as big as part of my life as Alf and Super Mario Bros. and the pop culture stuff he so richly covers on his site.  It's an honor, privilege, and strangely arousing situation I find myself in working alongside one of my idols.  Thanks, Matt!

Will's (VeggieMacabre) video!

Will is one of my best buddies and he brings it in this video.  Also admire his amazing room decor as that wall of horror and pop culture inspired artwork is to kill for.  We've teamed up on some stuff in the past and as always it was my pleasure.

We all had so much fun working together on this oddball project.  Please comment here on this post and on the RtW Facebook and join in on chatter over on Matt's post and Will's too.  Thanks so much for the support!  Now I've got some clam juice to go clean up.


  1. Brian,
    I just discovered your blog via Matt at DD.I've been a fan of Matt's former,X-Entertainment since 2006-7.So very glad I found your blog now,seeing that your humor & style is my cup of java (am allergic to tea!.)My wife & I were at a Dollar Tree last night & I came across a few of the items you reviewed.She cannot stand any type of seafood,so when I told her about your canned clams review,she got a bit up the good work & I'm looking forward to looking at your archives....Douglas

    1. Doug, that's awesome! I love finding new blog/sites and getting to pour through the archives. I've done it with several myself. Always both satisfying and bittersweet when you've went through them all but as long as their still active there's always the promise of more! Oh, man! Your poor wife. You've ruined her for clams with tales of my edible adventure.

      The last few years I've transitioned more into the realm of video, like showing off places and faces in my part of the world, but some of (in my opinion) my strongest stuff is a lot of articles I wrote in the first 4-5 years. There's def. lots to see! Thanks for the support! You can stay up to date with RtW on Facebook, too!