Thursday, July 11, 2013

Duck Jerky, Jelly Belly Tangerine Soda & RtW Poetry Corner

First, Brian and friends with mere minutes remaining on the memory card give a quick, high-energy review of both a Maple Duck Stick and Jelly Belly Tangerine soda. Duck jerky and an odd drink alongside the Great Miami River? Sure! Secondly Brian reads a poem that discusses the lack of Game Genie codes for life, disappointment in Chevy Chase's racism, and much more. Enjoy!

Next week is a big one! I dust off one of the most beloved RtW articles of all-time and my own bildungsroman 25 Years of Me and update it for the present day (31 Years of Me? Doesn't quite have the same ring to it!) on 7/16 and then.. on 7/17.. the highly anticipated Drinking An Unopened Can of Pepsi Summer Mix from 2007 video goes up! Don't miss it!

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