Tuesday, April 28, 2015

RtW Cameo: Kranky Candy

It's been awhile since I've made a cameo elsewhere leaving behind the comfy confines and indelible environs of RtW. While down in Texas recently I was chauffeured by a limousine driver that looked suspiciously like Prof. Jerry Hathaway to the outskirts of a park. From there I followed a trail of chili cheese fries -- a unique choice of clue but unfortunately most of the fries themselves were unsafe for consumption covered in various woodland detritus. They led me to none other than Toby, known primarily for his immense collection of Choose Your Own Adventure books, but also in some circles for his strange little website Tobyblog.

Toby unveiled the reason why he'd opted to fly me down via private jet to his neck of the woods. A review of some cheap dollar store candy. By description alone that falls right within my wheelhouse. But what is Kranky Candy? It does have a coffee component but I'll direct you to Toby's post wherein you can watch a video of us sampling this candy quagmire. Enjoy!

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