Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pringles Hot Diggity Dog Chips

A fresh ballpark stadium styled hot dog with mustard is what Pringles attempts to encapsulate in potato chip form with their new Walgreens exclusive flavor Hot Diggity Dog! Brian and Nick walk and talk their way through their initial reactions and personal feelings towards this curious calorific offering. Will it be a home run or a strike out? And do you like mustard on your mustard? Tune in and find out!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

ONYS Seltzer Sodas: The Sequel

After our last encounter with Original New York Seltzer beverages the company itself took notice and sent us a few more sodas for our perusal and patented deep dive examinations. This time Brian and Nick hit the streets to sample Root Beer, Concord Grape, and Blueberry seltzer sodas! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Birthday Cake AirHeads taffy

RtW returns to one of our favorite candies AirHeads taffy for a special flavor: Birthday Cake! In celebratory spirits Brian and Nick walk the streets chomping into some icing and empty calories in taffy form. The chewiest cake you'll ever see gets devoured by the world's foremost authorities on sprinkles. Plus an item from a past review reappears in a mysterious way promising a glimpse of things to come in the near future! Tune in fans, friends, and phantoms and join the birthday chorus!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Original New York Seltzer Sodas

Brian and Nick are back hitting the ballpark and Great Miami River to sample some bubbly bliss via five Original New York Seltzer Soda flavors! We've got Lemon & Lime, Vanilla Cream, Raspberry, Black Cherry, and Peach so grab some of your favorite snacks, find a comfortable spot, and settle in for a near half-hour exploration of ONYS offerings. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Brian's Top 50 Films of 2015

As the character Michael Stone says in Anomalisa (which didn't make my list): "What is it to be human? What is it to ache? What is it to be alive?"

Welcome to my Top Films of 2015 list! I would have loved to publish this earlier in the year but I was constantly tracking down or discovering new cinematic blindspots from 2015. Even now there's dozens of films I wanted to watch (and agonized over not being able to) in preparation for this project but I decided I couldn't let this beast bleed over into April. At the end of this post I'll share a few of my regrets i.e. films I wasn't able to squeeze in before this list's publication.

One final note, I watched nearly 800 films last year including several hundreds of 2015 releases. With the exception of movies released exclusively to streaming platforms like Netflix or VOD I watched the majority of these theatrically on the big screen (as I encourage others to do). Many of my selections I revisited multiple times to gain deeper insight toward and to help determine their placement in my list. Without any further adieu here's Brian's Top Films of 2015:


50. Appropriate Behaviour (Akhavan)

49. Aloha (Crowe)

48. Arrêt Pipi (Groen)

47. Dope (Fumuyiwa) / Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (Gomez-Rejon)

46. The Salt of the Earth (Salgado, Wenders)

45. Ex-Machina (Garland)

44. Cobain: Montage of Heck (Morgen)

43. Mad Max: Fury Road (Miller)

42. The Good Dinosaur (Sohn)

41. Mustang (Ergüven)

40 Carol (Haynes)

39. The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution (Nelson)

38. Spotlight (McCarthy)

37.World of Tomorrow (Hertzfeldt)

36. The Wolfpack (Moselle)

35. Call Me Lucky (Goldthwait) / Seymour: An Introduction (Hawke)

34. Güeros (Ruizpalacios)

33.  Timbuktu (Sissako)

32. Spring (Benson, Moorhead) / It Follows (Mitchell)

31. Horse Money (Costa)

30. Manson Family Vacation (Davis)

29. Beasts of No Nation (Fukunaga)

28. Phoenix (Petzold)

27. Embrace of the Serpent (Guerra, 2015)

26. Digging for Fire (Swanberg)


25. The Duke of Burgundy (Strickland)

24. The Stanford Prison Experiment (Alvarez)

23. Uncle John (Piet)

22. When Marnie Was There (Yonebayashi)

21. The End of the Tour (Ponsoldt)

20. Goosebumps (Letterman) / The Peanuts Movie (Martino)

19. The Assassin (Hsiao-Hsien, 2015)

18. Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (Lee)

17. Stations of the Cross (Brüggemann)

16. Tangerine (Baker)

15. Sicario (Villeneuve)

14. Straight Outta Compton (Gray)

13. Clouds of Sils Maria (Assayas)

12. Queen of Earth (Perry)

11. Hard to Be a God (German)

10. The Mend (Magary)

9. Love & Mercy (Pohlad)

8. Creep (Brice)

7. Chi-Raq (Lee)

6. Son of Saul (Nemes)

5. Room (Abrahamson)

4. Mistress America (Baumbach)

3. Jauja (Alonso)

2. Inside Out (Docter, Carmen)

1. Heaven Knows What (Safdie, Safdie)


As promised here's a list of ever-growing blindspots I was unable to see before the the publication of this list: Love (Noé), Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem (Elkabetz, Elkabetz), The Tribe (Slaboshpytskyi), Cartel Land (Heineman), A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (Amirpour), Black Coal, Thin Ice (Diao), Faults (Stearns), Victora (Schipper), The Forbidden Room (Maddin, Johnson), Experimenter (Almereyda), Magic Mike XXL (Jacobs), La Sapienza (Green), About Elly (Farhadi), James White (Mond), Landmine Goes Click (Bakhia), and so many, many more.