Sunday, August 19, 2007

ABC Commissary (Disney-MGM Studios)

Located at Disney-MGM Studios, the ABC Commissary is a recommendable eatery to grab lunch at.  The design definitely lends itself to the park’s theme, as it feels you’re eating at a catering mess hall on a soundstage in a studio somewhere.

This type of set-up is used by several eateries at the different Disney World parks – it’s a pretty straightforward process, and rather painless, especially for those with a little patience.

The menu’s not very extensive, but offers up a decent selection of lunch options.  I went with an ABC Special Cheeseburger (their terminology, not mine) and fries.  Now, generally speaking, a hamburger and fries is a fairly safe dish to order anywhere.  Occasionally, like this time, you’ll be surprised; as, a familiar dish can sometimes taste better than ever.  Needless to say, I really enjoyed my lunch.  The bun was ample, the lettuce fresh, and the burger hearty.  I was glad that unlike several other eateries on the cheaper end of the spectrum, ABC Commissary didn’t serve McDonald’s fries.  I much preferred this variety, as they are bigger, and texturally superior.

Amanda got a Cuban sandwich with black bean salad.  Amanda is pretty particular about what she likes and doesn’t like, so for what I suspected to be a decent yet unmemorable lunch, I was surprised that she really enjoyed her meal as well.  I thought the black bean salad was a unique side dish, one that I was glad to see offered, and had a very pleasing taste.

Here’s Amanda getting ready to take her first bite.

Here I am, cheesing out, getting ready to devour my lunch.  I really did enjoy this place.  As you can tell by my surroundings, amidst all the excitement elsewhere in the park, this place has a comforting calmness about it; or, at least it did on our visit there.  There are photos and memorabilia from past and present ABC television shows everywhere, too.  As far as a quick and inexpensive lunch goes, in the four Disney World parks, you’ll not likely find a better place than this.

Overall Grade: B+ 

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