Monday, November 19, 2007

Pomegranate 7 Up

Lately it seems that when I’ve been mustering up the energy and spare time to write an article, indelibly it’s about a beverage of some sort.  The only explanation for that phenomenon I can give is that, strangely, there’s not much that excites me more than walking into a convenience store or grocery and discovering a gem on a shelf I’ve yet to taste.  Once you have a passion for trying different drinks, it begins bordering on the obsessive, to the point where I’ve probably tried 15 different varieties of grape soda this year alone.

So, of course I’m stoked whenever a limited edition holiday drink is brought out.  This past summer’s Pepsi Summer Mix had me salsa dancing with glee, and to this day, I still have an unopened bottle of Pepsi Holiday Spice on my computer desk.  Last year, Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash came upon the scene with a bang and our taste buds are still recovering from the jubilation it brought.  Marketed as a holiday-inspired soda, this thing won over the public’s hearts, enough so that it’s back again this year and seems to be doing very well in stores.  That leads us to today’s drink, the brand new Pomegranate 7 Up!

It’s said the cocaine is a hell of a drug, and with that in mind, I can attest that 7 Up has always been a hell of a soda.  7 Up has been around since 1929, thus lending to its status as a legend in the field.  I’ve also always found Cherry 7 Up to be highly underrated.  Pomegranate as a fruit has seen a rise in popularity, which I can’t really attribute to anything particularly, although numbers don’t lie.

After re-tasting Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash, it definitely works on the mental level of associating with the holidays, but in terms of taste, it’s awfully acidic and tart.  Pomegranate 7 Up to my palate has a cleaner, crisper taste and was an excellent accompaniment while eating my family’s early-Thanksgiving Day dinner yesterday afternoon.  The drink’s hue is actually lighter than I expected, somewhat reminiscent of Cherry 7 Up’s color, but a brighter, richer red.

I’ve got to be honest, this drink is a winner, and has me desiring a romp in a Christmas tree lot, picking out the perfect one to bring home and adorn with ornaments.  I want to wrap a wreath around my head and hang jingling bells from my unmentionables in homage to this lovely carbonated concoction.  Each drink is like a little Christmas present for your mouth.

Overall Grade: A- 

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