Thursday, June 4, 2009

Energy Drink Challenge

My friend and site contributor Paul had been discussing an idea that’d germinated in his head long ago of an epic, colossal energy drink challenge.  In it, they’d pit the most popular and beloved of the beverage world’s rebellious brethren against some of the seediest and surreal unknown entries in the world of energy drinks.

It’s a five-on-five energy drink throwdown for taste and packaging supremacy!  Who will be the winners?  Will Paul and Brian live through the war?  Enjoy!

Team Mainstream 


Team Unknowns 

Video #1: The Reviews (9:41) 

Video #2: The Reviews (9:29) 

Video #3: The Reviews (9:45) 

Video #4: The Reviews (9:18)

Video #5: The Aftermath (4:42)

After sampling all of the drinks and making their verdict, Brian and Paul get the nefarious idea of mixing all of the beverages together to create the ultimate energy cocktail.  The results are shocking.  Watch and see!

Video #6: Bonus Footage (9:55)

Bonus footage from the night of the first-ever Energy Drink Challenge includes reviews of two Thailand energy drinks (M-150 and Dark Scorpion) and  Zapps’ Voodoo Gumbo and Spicy Cajun Crawtators potato chips!

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