Sunday, August 4, 2013

Flamin' Hot Funyuns

The RtW boys are back with another Flamin' review! Back in July we looked at Fritos gone flaming and now we're back to look at how Funyuns fare fiery. We break tradition and shoot this review in one shot, no cuts, edits, etc. sitting around in a circle in the park Kumbaya-style passing the camera and soaking up the positive energy a picnic brings. Enjoy!


  1. Sunny skies, cool grass, passing the snack food around. I can taste the summer, man. I bet those F-U-N-Y-U-N-S (did I get that right?) were delicious. Tomorrow I'm headed down to the CVS to pick up some of those as well as the Flamin' Fritos (I finally tracked them down) from the last vid and I will gorge myself silly. Unfortunately I will not be able to share them with the kiddos as they have no palate for the hot stuff. Your video has a North Texas connection you may not have realized — both Frito Lay and Dr. Pepper are headquartered here. DP is Texas' most famous brand. I think you just convinced me to take the kids this year on a field trip to the factory.

    1. Nice to get a comment on RtW proper! For the stats we get daily about .0004% of our audience actually comments! LOL

      Yes this video is summer immortalized I'll be able to go back to it 2, 4, even 10 years down the road and remember sharing laughs under the sun at Crawford Woods. Let me know your taste report on Fritos and Funyuns gone flaming! The kids would dig a little field trip to the factory! ^_^