Monday, September 9, 2013

Randy & Sanchez Show - Chapter V

In this the fifth chapter of the Randy & Sanchez saga our hapless heroes continue their pilgrimage to the gladiatorial games. This time they run into several interesting characters, from a trash-talking skater, a curiously complimentary Rico, to another duo also in search of the games! All we can say is this episode ends with a SPLASH!

If you're new to Randy and Sanchez or just want to relive their earlier adventures they can be found below with #1-3 featured in episodes of RtW TV and #4 onward as individual videos:

Randy & Sanchez #3
Randy & Sanchez #4

The thrilling conclusion of the Randy & Sanchez show premieres Dec. 16th! Mark your calendars!


  1. I know who is Randy! He is Bow from She-Ra original toyline!!
    At the end of the video I saw a bomberman. Isn't he the annoying Deon the Distasteful?

    1. yelinna you made my night! was hoping someone would catch the Deon the Distasteful cameo! spoiler alert: he will be appearing in the Randy & Sanchez finale!

    2. Yeah!!! I hope Randy and Sanchez hit him like they did with the Pizza guy :D :D :D