Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Boys Over Flowers – Vol. #6 – The Crime and Punishment of a Kiss

I’ll say forthright that this anime is very feminine.  There’s a lot of romantic and love oriented comedic anime out there that’s equally appealing to both sexes, but this one is strongly geared towards females.  In this volume, lead character Tsukushi is torn between two guys, Rui and Tsukasa, who happen to be friends, and mutual members of the F4 (Flower Four), which is a clique of friends who essentially run the local high school.  As always, this volume contains lots of drama.  The bonus features are sparse, a couple tame profiles and illustration sketches.  It’s hard to pick out a demographic to recommend this title to; but, if you’re interested in romantic anime I’d strongly suggest seeking out the series His and Her Circumstances, a wonderfully done anime with a lot more heart, and none of the drivel.

Overall Grade: C+ 

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