Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Graeter’s (Springdale, OH)

Graeter’s is a local ice cream legend… or something like that.  A year ago or so, this particular store was completely remodeled and it’s now more spacious.  They have a variety of sweet offerings, from a complete bake shop specializing in birthday cakes, to an ice creamery and soda fountain.

My ex-girlfriend got one scoop of cinnamon and one scoop of pumpkin, which was certainly a unique and flavorful route to go.  I opted for the mint chocolate.  One thing Graeter’s is known for is their chocolate chips, which are actually chocolate chunks… massive pieces of dark chocolate substitute for the usual tiny chips you’re accustomed to.  The ice cream here is undeniably good, but I’ve lost a lot of enthusiasm on this place since they redid it… it’s lacking some of the natural charm of the original.  Still, if you were in the Cincinnati area and a fan of ice cream it’d almost be a shame not to try it out.

Overall Grade: B- 

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