Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Creepy Classics - The Curse of the Werewolf toy

Well, it’s Halloween time and I run a website, so I figured the least I could do was write something Halloween related.  But, this assignment quickly turned from task to something indubitably better.  I went to the local Dollar Tree, and for those unfortunate enough to not have one nearby, you’re missing out on a treasure trove of cheap goodness.  They had a relatively impressive collection of Halloween goods, ranging from bulk candy, to stretchable vampires, and so on.  But, having only a dollar in my wallet, I had to choose wisely.  My choice?  Look above, and just maybe, you’ll feel what I felt when I first laid eyes upon this miniature wolf/man hybrid behind a plastic prison.  Much like a common prostitute, he was begging to be freed and fondled, but not necessarily in that order.

The first major misconception I had was that I prematurely assumed I was taking home a figurine based upon the famous film The Wolf Man (1941).  I was mistaken.  As you’ll see on the left, that’s the most recognizable werewolf of them all, from the aforementioned horror masterpiece.  So, if not him, what werewolf did I now own?  Peer upon the mysterious austere figure to the right for the answer to that query.  From the film The Curse of the Werewolf (1961), I now owned Leon Corledo, which sounds neither scary nor appropriate to me.

At first, before doing the proper research, I must admit I wasn’t particularly awestruck by this figurine.  The attention to detail provided nice touches, but overall, it wasn’t doing much to warrant its admittedly cheap price.  Once I found out that it was in fact based upon an actual film, and that my werewolf wasn’t wearing dress clothes for the hell of it, I was definitely more satisfied.  Based upon what meager photos I could find of the film, the figurine’s ripped shirt and pointy ears are extremely close to its cinematic counterpart.

In fact, here’s a side-by-side comparison of our wolf-like pal Leon in his two unique forms.  You’ve got to admit, just the fact that now, 45 years later, this obscure horror character is being immortalized as a figurine sold exclusively in dingy dollar stores is kind of bizarre enough to be noteworthy.

Even after the ghoulish holiday is over, Leon Corledo now has a permanent home on my stove amongst the spices.  Subsequently, to make him feel more at home, I ripped the shirt I’m wearing now to shreds.

Thus ends Review the World’s foray into the wicked world of Halloween for 2006.  I made this rad image for you all as a token of my sincere and genuine appreciation of your support.  Although we weren’t deeply steeped in the holiday on the site, it’s always been one of my personal favorites; also, albeit a bit premature, I do already have some great ideas for next October.

In conclusion, if anyone’s got a copy, be it an original or homemade dub, of The Curse of the Werewolf (2013 edit: No need I finally tracked it down!) and be willing to mail it to me I’d be forever grateful.  I’d also be remiss not to recommend my all-time favorite werewolf film to anybody looking for a fun horror movie, and that’d be The Howling (1981), which is available on DVD.  I hope everyone has a swell Halloween.

Overall Grade: B+ 

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