Friday, October 19, 2007

Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel

Put down the video game controller and grab a bib because the purveyors of sugary soda Mountain Dew are bringing our nation’s largest sector of virgins and vagrants their very own drink.  Titled “Game Fuel”, it’s supposedly a mixture of cherry and citrus flavors, although neither is particularly discernable.

The can features the visage of Master Chief from Halo, and if they wanted to sell more of this, they could have likely marketed it as the beloved character’s piss, and surely diehard fans would have clamored to pour it down their throats.

If you’re serious about the drink itself, and not the hoopla surrounding it, I’d suggest drinking it in a chilled glass with ice.  You could attack it straight from the can, but I found it more refreshing, and a much better accompaniment to food when done the aforementioned way.

My own family members worship at the altar of Master Chief.

In closing, do your best to help the masses of Halo fanatics out there.  My brother (and cousin, both pictured) is amongst the group who logs countless hours of his life away nightly.  We can make a difference.  It’s with that very hope in mind I declare today “Take A Halo Addict On A Trip Day!”  I don’t care if you take them to the park, a long drive, a bakery, or Bed, Bath, and Beyond… just do whatever it takes.

Overall Grade: C+ 

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