Monday, January 5, 2009

Brian's Home Videos #1

Back in 2000 I got what, at the time, as a state of the art digital camcorder.  It wasn’t until January of 2009 a buddy with some hook-ups scored me a cable that allowed me to easily upload my footage to a PC.  Don’t ask me why I didn’t look into one before—I have no idea.  Regardless, now it’s time to unleash some of my home videos on the World.

I have countless hours of footage I shot over the last decade.  Everything ranging from short films, to comedic skits, Jackass-style stunts, backyard wrestling events, and random hanging out and chicanery.  I’ll be posting videos randomly in the weeks and months to come, in no particular order, so check back occasionally to see what’s new.  I hope you enjoy watching some of these at least half as much as my awesome friends and I had making them!


The Search for Daffy 
Shot: 6/2/01 (Pigeon Forge, TN) 8 min. 29 sec.

During a vacation to Gatlinburg, TN some friends and I got bored one evening and decided to shoot a short film around the area of our motel in Pigeon Forge.  The plot is simple, and ridiculous, as an inline skater (Steve) steals two scooter-riding friends’ (Didge and myself) Daffy doll.  This leads to an all-out wild, crazy chase as they try to regain their feathered friend.  It was basically just an excuse for us to implement some of what we then thought were cool skating tricks hid behind a paper-thin plot.

Human Jumping, Pepper Swallowing, and Car Sliding 
Shot: 7/18/01 & 7/20/01 (Hamilton, OH) 3 min. 19 sec.

This is a short collection of random clips.  Up first, Nick and Jessie attempt “Human Jumping” with predictably disastrous results.  Two days later, we’re at Steak ‘N Shake for random conversation, Jessie’s grotesque pepper swallowing stunt, and Nick attempting to slide across Jessie’s car’s hood only for him to hit reverse and let Nick eat asphalt.  These clips are incredibly accurate examples of how I spent the majority of my teenage nights.

Trip to Ed's House II 
Shot: 6/16/01 (Hamilton, OH) 3 min. 34 sec.

Jessie and I wake up hometown punk rock legend Eddie in the middle of the night, disturbing the barely clothed teen’s beauty rest, then silly string him, and finally, drag him from his crawlspace bedroom out into the night to explore an abandoned house.  This video probably doesn’t have a ton of widespread appeal, but is a nice snapshot of a random late night in the summer of ’01, and I find it inexplicably amusing.

UWO: Brian Banner and Psycho Dreamer brawl in the snow 
Shot: 1/31/03 (Hamilton, OH) 3 min. 54 sec.

A large group of friends and I started a backyard wrestling federation (the UWO) in May of ’97 that lasted over a decade.  This skit is from it, as newcomer Brian Banner (yours truly) bumps into veteran Psycho Dreamer outside of UWO headquarters resulting in an impromptu brawl that sees tables explode, debris everywhere, and ultimately two men crumbled together in the snow and mud.

In Search of Duck Alley 
Shot: 6/27/01 (Hamilton, OH) 5 min. 48 sec.

I almost didn’t upload this because it’s embarrassingly bad.  I had a couple minutes left on a tape, so, to finish it off Jessie and I came up with some ludicrous concept that we were “special agents” sent on a “secret mission” to infiltrate the infamous Duck Alley.  It ended up actually being a long driveway to some backwoods, gun-toting, militia house so we sped off, only to cruise around making obscure, off-color comments, observing farm animals, etc.

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