Monday, March 7, 2005

Forest Park Restaurant (Forest Park, OH)

First off, I’ve got to say I’m thrilled to share this place.  I stumbled upon it rather accidentally; it’s rather inconspicuously hidden.  From outside, you can’t really see in; the only sign of life was the dry erase board outside toting “liver and onions”… which reminded me of that old episode of Doug.  One day Molly and I decided to put our fear behind us, and venture in for a trek in home cooking heaven.

First off… the interior!  I’ve never in my life been in a place more honest to goodness retro.  Everything about this place brings you back to the year it opened 1965.  It’s the vinyl chairs, to the color schemes, and so on.  This isn’t a theme restaurant though; it’s the real deal.  Our waitress didn’t fit the typical typecast, but she was talkative and kind.  We chatted with her about the charm of the place, and she retold a story about her husband who now works there and how 25 years ago as a rebellious teen he’d hang out with his buddies outside on the weekends showing off their cars then come inside for cheese coneys.

The food was quality, too.  Molly had a ham and Swiss double-decker on wheat that was yummy.  I got the open face roast beef with mashed potatoes, which came with the “vegetable of the day” that was not negotiable.  Although I’ve only really had lima beans once or twice in my childhood, I gave them a try.  I was real pleased with my meal, it wasn’t fancy; in fact, it reminded me of something my Mom could whip up in the kitchen.  But, it’s the charm of this place… the atmosphere and ambiance that made it amazing.  I fully intend on going back regularly now I’ve tried it, and will encourage others to give it a shot, too.

Overall Grade: A 


  1. this is my favorite post on this blog and i can't explain why. But also, "Vegetable of the day"? and chips instead of fries? I tend to hate restaurants like that lol but this place seems comfy, and your meal looks good

    1. Thanks! That place is long gone but the memory lives on