Saturday, April 9, 2005

Margaritas (Cincinnati Mills)

Margaritas is apparently pretty popular in the Cincinnati area, and when they opened a restaurant nearby I being a fan of Mexican food decided I must check it out.  Located inside the mall, but not at the food court, it has entrances both from the inside the mall and out.  The d├ęcor inside is nice, and I was once even serenaded by a man playing Spanish guitar.

Let’s take a look at the food.  Customarily at Mexican restaurants you receive complimentary chips and salsa.  The chips here are especially good, they are definitely prepared fresh and not just out of the bag… they’ve got a very clean and crisp taste.  My girlfriend got the shrimp quesadilla, which was massive and full of flavor.  I opted for my favorite Mexican dish… taquitos!  Taquitos contain either beef or chicken, and some vegetables (red pepper, onion, etc.) and are deep fried to a crispy brown and generally served with guacamole salad.  Margaritas’ taquitos are bigger than those served at any other restaurant I’ve been to, which is a plus.  Also of note, the Pepsi here is incredible.  Occasionally the quality of a fountain drink can make or break a meal, but the cola at Margaritas has been especially good every time I’ve been.

Although I’m no expert, whenever I’m at a new place I like to check out the bathroom facilities.  The bathroom itself wasn’t bad, and mostly clean.  However, while using a urinal I spotted an advertising poster that had been defaced with a marker.  I found this to be particularly amusing and ended up pissing on the floor momentarily.  All things considered, for just over $20 this was an exceptionally good dinner.  There’s a lot on the menu, and I’m sure they’re not all winners, but if there’s something you like elsewhere than surely Margaritas has it and perhaps it’s even better.  For fans of Mexican food, or just those looking for a lively new place for a weekend date, I’d highly recommend it.

Overall Grade: A- 

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