Monday, April 25, 2005

Mistic Sparkling - Raspberry Boysenberry

The name Mistic Sparkling itself is a little mysterious, and I'm certain I am not the only one who has never heard of a boysenberry.  Regardless, for fifty cents I thought I could do a lot worse than procuring myself a beverage for the evening, so I threw down some pocket change and took the precious liquid back to my lair.

Upon closer examination the description still read "Boysenberry".  Yes, indeed.  I'm guessing the boysenberry is that brownish object in the center, a close relative to the New Jersey native "Dingleberry".

But, all of that aside it was finally time to put my assumptions to the side and get down to business.  I opened up the bottle and started chugging.  And check this out; I actually liked what I was drinking!  Now, as a writer for this website, I've often been asked to write reviews on some pretty ridiculous and downright horrible food items.  So, when I got this drink for a couple measly quarters I wasn't expecting bottled utopia.  Fuck the lost city of Atlantis, just point me in the direction of the boysenberries and I'll be on my way.

Would you believe it?  Even a cartoon caricature of me enjoys drinking this stuff.

Believe it or not, I'm going to stick by my grade on this one.  The drink sort of reminded me of the new Sprite Remix, and for a fraction of the price it's a veritable steal.  I kept the drink alongside me while I was working on some other stuff related to the site, and it was refreshing until the final drop.  The bottom line, it's a bargain and I'll be searching for more Mistic Sparkling flavors to try.

Overall Grade: A 

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