Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Pizza Party by Eleanor Hudson

This book, apparently a “Step 1” book, meaning it’s got incredibly large type and simple vocabulary for the youngest of readers, is simply stated… amazing.  It’s an achievement of the highest order in the literature world.  Our four turtle pals are bored, there’s no crime to fight and it’s a beautiful day outside.  Thus, the game plan is a genuine pizza party.  The pies?  One ham, one jam, one cheese, and one… dare I say, peas?  That’s absolutely correct.  In their trademark disguise trench coats our heroes go to the surface, only, when they arrive at the local pizza parlor, it’s being robbed!  After they make quick work of the would-be robbers, they disappointingly find out that the restaurant is out of ham, jam, cheese, and would you believe it, peas!  They, understandably dejected, go back to the sewer where Splinter whips up some homemade slices, giving us our obligatory happy ending.  The moral of the story is muddled, at best; but the end result is a fun lighthearted book that I found relatively unscathed at a thrift store that was so trashed it resembled a buffet after Bebop and Rocksteady visited it.

Overall Grade: A 

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