Friday, May 20, 2005

Nintendo Bean Bag Keychain Giveaway

A while ago I was working at this video game store called GameCrazy.  As an incentive to get people to preorder games we’d give away little gifts with each preorder.  They ranged from the incredibly lame (old issues of game magazines which had out of date news and articles, although any EGM featuring Seanbaby’s work is worth having) to the really cool like t-shirts, hats, and DVD discs.

Today we’re going to look at one of the better giveaways.  If you pre-ordered Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Game Boy Advance you got two exclusive bean bag character keychains.  In a nifty little bag featuring some enthusiastic text and decent artwork you received two little pals from everyone’s favorite video game series.

First off, you’ve got Mario Mario.  No, that wasn’t a mistake.  For the unaware, that is infact Mario’s real full name!  This thing is great.  Yes, it’s a tad too big to actually accompany your car keys, but it’s still pretty damn cool.  The only noticeable flaw from the start is Mario’s ears seem proportionally large. But, everything else is there.  From the blue suspenders, to the white gloves, to that infamous mustache… it’s all here in adorable three-inch splendor!

Next up, the always-loveable Yoshi.  How could you not ogle at this thing?  After much scrutiny and close examination my stance is that it’s about perfect.  The huge eyes, his scales, and even the saddle Mario sits upon are included in this miniature marvel.

In the end, this was a hell of a giveaway.  Not only did you reserve yourself a copy of one of the coolest handheld games on the market, but also you got these for free!  Who wouldn’t want a little Yoshi clipped on their jeans, bouncing carelessly against their waist during a long day at the office?  For those if you who got these, feel glad and relish in the fact that you scored a coup.  For those if you who missed out, maybe you could make yourselves a papier-mâché Samus Aran, Link, Donkey Kong, or that little guy from Excitebike?

Overall Grade: B+ 

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