Monday, December 17, 2012

10 Days of Cheap Christmas: Day #5

It's day five and we're keeping this cheery holiday romp rolling into its second-half with another review for that ass!  I snagged today's item at Target.  There were a few different varieties but I choose the Christmas tree content to colorize my own faux gift packages.  The Target Dollar Spot can be hit or miss but if you're looking for a die cast car, hard plastic elephant, paper plates, or a Witch Parking Only novelty road sign then it's the place for you.

Here's a closer look at the particulars as the package breaks down the arithmetic.  Looks simple enough!

Here's everything before I get my art on.  This isn't a segregated water fountain in 1943 so make no mistake when I say "colors only" I'm talking about busting out the markers!  It looks a bit pedestrian but the quality of the materials themselves and then the finished product will determine if it was worth the measly buck.

And it begins!  Not surprisingly like riding a bike one doesn't forget coloring and I was having fun like I was in third grade doodling Magnokor at my desk all over again.

While I'm showing off cheap X-Mas stuff I've recently acquired here's a lame advent calendar with bite-sized chocolate I got for fifty cents at Jungle Jim's International Market the other night.

More action shots!  That's what the young whippersnappers want these days.  Here I am detailing a beautiful blue ornament and still having a blast.

The finished product!  Isn't it lovely?  And it's John, the father of the family from Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress, one of my favorite attractions at Disney World!

Brian: Do you like my tree?

John: I sure do, Brian!  Also, my son James is a real big fan of your site.  He says it's "totally boss" and "way cool, dude!".

Brian: Oh, that's great!  I'm honored.  I'd love to have him make a cameo in one of my videos sometime.

John: That tree would sure look good in our living room but we've already got one of our own as you know.  Well, it's time I get back home.  Sarah's making pot roast.  And remember, "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day"!

My 2012 Christmas Card.  Limited edition.

In closing I liked this way more than I'd originally anticipated.  The actual coloring and designing was fun, for example peep the blue and yellow package I did in the colors of my beloved Van Buren Elementary School (RIP).  The markers themselves were fine, especially the red which bled onto the wood as though that was its life mission and its time to shine had come, yellow sort of petered out though (you suck, yellow).  Now writing this a few days after my wood art looks even better as the colors are very crisp and pop.  Definitely a steal at a $1.

Just like Banksy I had to leave my mark behind so read it and weep and enjoy the rest of the countdown!  Save me eggnog.

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