Wednesday, December 19, 2012

10 Days of Cheap Christmas: Day #7

Day seven, baby!  We're a week into this bad boy and today's going to be extra special because I'll be joined by a special guest reviewer!  First let's talk briefly about the product we'll be looking at.  For $1 at Dollar Tree I picked up a bag of fluffy fun in the guise of holiday themed marshmallows.  The store had an admirable aisle dedicated solely to Christmas which was a veritable smorgasbord of goodies.  I imagined it'd be tough narrowing down my selection but I instantly fell in love with these and couldn't release my grasp on the bag.

Here's my son Owen who bravely volunteered to try out the foodstuffs.  Below will play less like a typical review and more like play-by-play commentary as I broadcast the results of our little edible experiment.

The marshmallows come in three holiday shapes which I had a hell of a time trying to document.  I couldn't get a quality shot using the limited light available with the candy cane being especially challenging.  On the far left is a Christmas Tree!  Surely I could have found one in better condition in the bag but that'd require a little more effort than clearly I was willing to give.  Onward.  A Snowman!  He's a pillowy pile of jolly joy ready to melt in your mouth.  Lastly, that blasted Candy Cane which is clearly camera shy.

Owen expressing interest in this bag of bizarre things.  He's never ate marshmallows before.

There's the hand-off -- this is about to go down.

He's taking a bite!  So far, so good.  But what will his reaction be?

He likes it!  Owen likes it!  Isn't that the most adorable thing you've ever  seen?  Well, since Tanana healed Kenai in Brother Bear that is.

(Missing picture of my mallows in a cup of clumpy hot chocolate I mistakenly prematurely deleted.)

Being an "adult" I didn't want to just chomp into raw marshmallows.  So I opted to make some hot chocolate to toss 'em in.  First, though, an admission.  Come on guys out there, don't let me down, aren't there random, little things that you could probably do/figure out that you sometimes just chalk up to your girlfriend/wife to be able to do saving you the thorny issue of learning some new skill or ability?  Or is it just me?  Case in point: I've never made hot chocolate.  For some reason I'd assumed it was difficult or time consuming and figured "I'll wait until Amanda gets home."  Then she told me I could just put some hot water and/or milk in it.  I played it off like I'd known that since the Reagan administration.

(Second missing picture, this one an amazing action shot of me dumping out the hot chocolate as it poured down in mid-air towards its demise in the sink.)

Only to prove my ineptitude further.  I poured the powder in first!  Big error.  You're supposed to heat the liquid first then add your powdery cocoa dust.  So now I've got this lumpy, muddy guck that I didn't dare attempt to microwave and make a bigger mess of.  I failed at hot chocolate.

After much finagling I was able to at least recover this tiny thumbnail versions so you know I’m not entirely crazy.  That pouring shot was a real beauty too.

For those needing more of Owen's expert analysis here's  a video I captured where Owen evidently finds holiday marshmallows hilarious.

My daughter Yukari was jealous Owen got such a major role in today's article and insisted she get a cameo.  Here she is modish in Christmas sleeper with a message:

Yukari: Don't forget tomorrow's update on the countdown will be up over on Will's blog VeggieMacabre!  Enjoy!

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