Friday, December 21, 2012

10 Days of Cheap Christmas: Day #9

Last for me but certainly not least!  In fact this was the first item I bought for this project.  Like many of the other items purchased these Push Pop Toppers came in a few varieties but the instant I saw Mrs. Claus I fell in love.  There’s snowmen and Santa galore in all shapes, sizes, etc. but it’s extraordinarily rare to find Mrs. Claus especially in any sort of toy-like form.  My love for this tiny treasure transcends the holiday.

The candy itself you may be asking?  Not bad.  It’s Cherry Vanilla and thankfully they didn’t skimp on the creamy vanilla flavor and while it tasted rather good I doubt I’ll finish it as a 30-year-old man rarely has a time or place where eating a Push Pop seems appropriate.

And there she is among a batch of freshly baked cookies.  In the opening I didn’t want to pour into detail but now allow me in the words of Konnan to “speak on this”.  I love everything about her.  The gray old lady hair parted down the middle.  The little eye glasses resting on her tiny button nose.  But most of all?  I love the adorable little pan of freshly baked cookies. Each heartbreakingly cute cookie is the size of a, well, I can’t think up a fitting comparison but know you’d want to eat them all if you were here.  If a tornado hit my house tonight they’d find me the next day amid the wreckage clutching this figurine.

April O’Neil: Mrs. Claus how does it feel to be handpicked to be Brian’s last entry into this celebratory countdown?

Mrs. Claus: It’s an honor and to show my gratitude I’ve made him a fresh batch of my beloved cookies.

Isn’t she just the best?  This holiday season has been superb for me full of joy.  Just look above at my own two little ones Yukari and Owen telling Santa their Christmas wishes including a drum set and a new season of Veronica Mars.

April O’Neil: Brian, any closing comments on the 10 Days of Cheap Christmas?

Brian: Sure, just watch the video above where I succinctly sum it up at one of my favorite places in the universe the Cincinnati Museum Center!


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