Saturday, December 3, 2005

5-in-1 Holiday Candy Pen

I got this at a Dollar Tree a few days after Christmas for some pocket change.  I probably would have put this review off even longer, if it weren’t for my niece Jade and her many attempts at smuggling this item from my room.  I guess the big gimmick here is that this isn’t just a pen, but 5 different items entirely.

The first is this little topper featuring a Christmas stocking containing some presents, a stuffed bear, and what appears to be a banana peel.

Here’s one of the more intriguing parts, some kind of light.  Although this doesn’t give off enough luminescence to brighten even the smallest of areas, I guess it’s the most advanced portion of our pen thus making it a little more noteworthy than the other parts.

After missing with this thing for a few minutes I absolutely destroyed and dismantled it beyond repair.  My pen was now in pieces.  Take note that I didn’t do this on purpose, but the cheap design of the item was to blame.

I found out rather on accident that the aforementioned topper seconded as a stamper.  The stamp is a rough rendering of the topper itself, which boggled my mind for some reason.  I suppose it’s not the oddest choice, but I was assuming it’d be a stamp of Santa Claus or a more seasonally iconic character or symbol.

Lastly, there were some little hard candies inside the tube of the pen.  I was pleasantly surprised that these were quite tasty for what they were.  I was expecting something a little more customarily bland, but these actually packed some flavor, thus making this mess somewhat acceptable in terms of an overall success.

Overall Grade: C 

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