Monday, December 5, 2005

Nestle Toll House Holiday Fudgy Brownies

So, Amanda and I missed the boat, so to speak, on baking Halloween goods.  We saw some interesting items marketed, but when we went to our local super grocery conglomerate, we were too late.  We promised ourselves, and anyone nearby listening, that we’d never make the same mistake twice.

We’ve actually been fortunate enough to get a couple things from the Nestle Toll House line recently, and have been extremely pleased with the results.  Imagine the feeling you got the first time you saw little Kevin thwart the nefarious robbers in Home Alone—then multiply that by ten.  We’ve tried a couple different cookie varieties from Toll House; all were defiantly delicious and nicely priced.

I’d be remiss to not mention the packaging of the brownies, featuring a stereotypical snowman blowing.  No, that’s not an insult—he’s actually blowing on the brownies.  Perhaps they were too hot?  I’m particularly envious of his righteous scarf, but his carrot nose looks more akin to a croissant than anything else.

Amanda is hardcore, and doesn’t mess around, especially when it comes to “Holiday” brownies.  I suggest, if at all possible, if you’re thinking of trying to make these yourself at home—you seek out a package-biting compatriot of your own.

Here’s the uncooked product, all doughy-like and uncultivated like Kevin Bacon’s performance in that stinker Hollow Man.

The finished product, and doesn’t it just scream happy holidays!  Wait, that’s the sound of someone getting mugged outside of my apartment—let me just close the window so I can concentrate.  Anyway, these things continued the tradition of quality desserts from Nestle Toll House.  The red, green, and white “things” on top tasted like white chocolate and were obviously Christmas inspired.  They added to the taste and texture of the already delectable brownies.

These brownies put me in the holiday mood—I now want to carol and wrap presents.  My mouth was overwhelmed, like The Thing breakdancing on my tongue, I couldn’t shake the feeling something monumental was happening in there.  Buy these now, and celebrate the holidays with fudgy brownies!

Overall Grade: B+ 

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