Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Go! Road Trip #5

Proud to bring you the first new content here on the new and improved Review the World!

After a couple years absence Paul and Brian make their triumphant return with a brand new Go! Road Trip! Go! is all about just that, getting out of the house, and going! This trip sees the guys smash a sushi buffet, end up at a legendary castle, getting philosophical riverside, then exploring the highways and byways.

More new content on the way!  I'll have another new video up within a week and a new article or two within the next few days.  I'm having a blast and hope you all enjoy the new stuff.

I know I'll get asked so I'll clear it up here:  The song at the end of this episode is from the first (and honestly one of the only) RPGs I ever played.  It was Ultima: Exodus on NES.  About a decade ago I burnt a 70+ track CD of all my favorite classic video game music from my youth and when puzzled how to close out the video I tried a few of those game tunes and this one just felt somehow bizarrely right.

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