Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bubble Cane

I got this back in 2002 to write about and it’s been sitting in a damp basement until now… some three years later.  My spirit wasn’t damaged, however, and my taste palate was ready for war.  First off, the packaging… they say this particular item is “Fun to Chew” which has the direct opposite effect as it’s supposed to on me.  The generic snowman doesn’t bother me; in fact I’m rather fond of his argyle scarf… it’s totally retro post-modern chic, or something. Here’s the thing that really got me, though… “Fruit” flavor?  What’s with that?  I was expecting this thing to be peppermint, but no… we get nondescript fruit.  They didn’t even bother to tell us which fruit or fruits we’d taste, which makes me kind of… sad.

The taste?  Well, this thing broke in half immediately upon being opened.  This was the cause of great laughter at RTW headquarters… for no particular reason.  You can tell in the picture of me trying Bubble Cane that I feel somehow used, although my expression resembles the look on my face the first time I watched Van Helsing.  I took a snapshot of the address of the company responsible for this, so if anybody reading is near Yorkville, Illinois send my condolences.  Overall, this actually wasn’t that bad… the concept of a bubblegum candy cane isn’t that weird.  The taste, although completely unexpected wasn’t inedible and was blasé enough to be borderline average.  I’d say buy a bunch of these and pass them out during the next holiday party you attend… you’ll be either the life of the shindig or stuffed in a closet.

Overall Grade: C+ 

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