Sunday, January 30, 2005

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial – Elliot with E.T. Keychain

I scored this at a Toys ‘R Us store on clearance for $0.98.  When the movie was re-released in theatres, a bundle of new E.T. merchandise came out, met unfortunately with distaste.  The general consensus is that the items were rushed… poor items at pricey costs.  Toys ‘R Us got a lot of exclusive stuff, including this, one of two different keychains.  First off, the packaging is pretty solid, featuring an E.T. theme.  However, the promotional text on the back is laughable at best.  They encourage you to befriend your keychain, and create your own unforgettable adventures, much alike the character Elliot did with E.T. in the movie.  Then there’s some junk about bringing magic and excitement into your world.  The item itself is very cool.  Elliot is crafted nicely, complete with the lovable red zip-up jacket, and even detailed tennis shoes.  The bike is also mostly well done, including tires that rotate.  E.T. looks fine, but the biggest complaint about the keychain is the basket our alien pal is in, which is poorly designed, and fundamentally a white square with some minor design.  Overall, and especially for the excellent price I paid, I really dig it.  It tersely captures a scene from an unforgettable film, and is a neat little piece of memorabilia.

Overall Grade: A- 

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