Monday, January 24, 2005

Sarku Japan (Kenwood Mall)

Sarku Japan located in Kenwood Mall’s food court beckoned me one afternoon, thus I accepted and gave it a shot.  Bad decision.  First off, let’s get this squared way, I don’t regret eating there; it wasn’t horrible, just painfully average.  They were schilling chicken teriyaki, but I, ever the adventurer, opted for beef and shrimp teriyaki.  The crew working wasn’t nice or rude to me, in fact; they rather ignored me altogether, insisting on yelling at passerby in high voices nonstop.  The drink?  They talked me into a large, which was in a huge translucent plastic cup, and contained 95% Coke and 5% ice… that wasn’t a ratio I was very pleased with.  The food?  Let’s just say it was entirely too forgettable.  The beef was of no discernible origin.  It could have been any animal, for all I knew, as it was chewy, tasteless, and in thin slivers.  The shrimp wasn’t bad; and both the rice and steamed vegetables were edible yet bland.  The final result wasn’t a tragedy, yet certainly a flawed lunch.

Overall Grade: C 

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