Thursday, January 20, 2005


I really enjoy this film.  I was impressed by Alexander Payne’s last film About Schmidt, and eagerly anticipating this one.  It didn’t disappoint.  It anchors some real emotional scenes with some delightful and oft times unexpected humor.  Paul Giamatti has a real knack for playing characters that are down on their luck, so to speak, and here he’s entirely convincing, not to mention a real treat to watch.  Thomas Haden Church, who, I admittedly knew little about, really stole some scenes with his character’s hilarity.  He’s a riot!  There’s a lot of wine talk in the film, and although I know little to nothing about the joys of wine, at this movie’s core is a real personable story that’s very refreshing for Hollywood, and a real delight.  In it’s own way, Sideways is very charming, and a wonderfully done film.

Overall Grade: A 

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