Monday, October 10, 2005

Caramel Apple (Jones Soda Co.)

While walking around a Target store, blinded by the materialistic marketing madness, I stumbled upon a curious finding.  Jones Soda Co., makers of delicious beverages, had answered our ghoulish Halloween prayers, and delivered a drink just for us.  Coming in four different spooky varieties, I choose Caramel Apple; I thought it had the highest percentage chance of actually tasting good.  I e-mailed Matt from X-E, as I knew this promotion would be right up his alley, and lo and behold, he later reviewed the entire set.  It’s taken a little longer for me to write my article, but maybe the soda is to blame; coursing through my body it has weakened my will to write, and strengthened my will to howl at the moon like a madman, that is until the neighbors call the police and I run back inside to the solace of my futon.

So back to Target… this place is freaking nuts.  I’m looking at costumes, wondering if I’d make a better generic ninja or generic wizard, when some guy comes up to me with a blank expression.  “What, is that chili all over your neck, or are you just happy to see me?” I ask.  He looks hurt by my query.  I scurry to the next aisle and beginning looking at various colored dishtowels like it’s my duty.  Weirdo!

Anyway, back to the spooky soda… above is a picture of me pouring the drink into a wine glass for closer inspection.  Ignore the video camera in the background, I had an open invitation casting call for auditions for my three-act play rendition of White Men Can’t Jump; my Grandpa was the only person who showed up, and he was just returning the bag of Cheetos I left at his place last weekend.

There she is!  I thought I’d never see the day Caramel Apple soda would exist.  I’m sure you’re dying to know what it tasted like.  Well, if you just take a reckless and quick gulp, as I did at first, you’ll possibly liken the flavor to that of ginger ale.  But, if you take a drink, squish it around in your mouth (akin to wine tasting) you’ll begin to discover its full potential.  Then, and only then, will you be able to appreciate both the caramel and apple splendor inherent in each and every can of Jones Soda Co.’s baby.  It is honestly not bad, folks, although I’m not a full-fledged fan either.  If I buy anymore, it’ll only be as novelty souvenirs.  If you’ve got a Target nearby, and love Halloween like I do, then don’t miss out on this limited edition soda.

Overall Grade: B- 

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