Thursday, June 9, 2005

Planet of the Apes – Ari toy

Tim Burton’s variation of Planet of the Apes was met critically with shame.  Although the original film and its subsequent sequels are vastly superior, I didn’t altogether dislike the new version.  The merchandise that arrived in stores nationwide during its release was pretty hit or miss, mostly the latter.  If you’re at a place that sells toys and they have a markdown bin or section, there’s a very good chance you’ll find at least one or two figures from this series in there.

The character of Ari is “strong-willed chimpanzee” that’s a “human rights advocate” and a “righteous challenger of all who would question her ideas”.  She’s the rebellious daughter of an ape government official, which holds the “unpopular view that apes and humans can live in harmony”.  Introductory filler out of the way, how’s her toy?

In all honesty the toy doesn’t look bad.  Unfortunately it doesn’t move well, so you’re pretty much stuck with a desk decoration with this one.  I particularly like the design work on her clothing.  She comes with an unremarkable “battle flag” that’s easily discarded.  It’s hard to really recommend this to anyone, but if the movies mean anything to you than you can probably find this toy pretty cheaply.

Overall Grade: C 

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