Monday, June 13, 2005

Wind Up Walking Dinosaurs

I can truly not explain why I was so fascinated by this toy as I walked passed it.  I’m admittedly fascinated with dinosaurs, which is a horribly bad thing to say in social situations.  However, I can’t help but be interested in these remarkable creatures.  Since my youth, my favorite dinosaur has always been the Ankylosaurus.  Today I get one of my very own!

The box artwork isn’t shabby, complete with generic volcano and lush tropical vegetation.  The toy itself looks really great, as the picture above shows, especially considering I only spent a dollar on it.  The walking mechanism is another story altogether.  You have to wind this thing up extensively, and then the dinosaur does a circular pimp strut until it’s movement dies out much akin to their real life counterparts.  This may be the best dollar I spend all year.

Overall Grade: A 

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