Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Riley's (Greenhills, Ohio)

This is one of my personal favorite restaurants.  Located snuggle in the comfortable community of Greenhills, Ohio.  Riley’s offers breakfast and dinner items, and has a bakery containing a wealth of fresh goods.  An older crowd, mostly senior citizens and families, generally frequents the restaurant.  I tend to feel like the youngest person there whenever I go.  However, the staff is always very accommodating and cordial.

The atmosphere inside is always pleasant.  As you can see up above, this place has tons of cookie jars absolutely everywhere as decoration.  Any place that has Batman, Superman, Racer X, and Spider-Man on their wall is fantastic.  The interior and ambiance are always refreshing and welcoming, and it’s comfortable any time of the day.  I’ve been seated in almost every section (except a special dining area reserved for large groups) and I’m hard pressed to choose a favorite.

The food here is really the specialty.  The first couple times I had meatloaf, but lately I’ve been addicted to their sandwiches.  If you like hamburgers, I’d strongly recommend both the bacon cheeseburger and the mushroom burger.  They’ve also got a beef BBQ sandwich that’s a personal favorite.  For those more health inclined, they’ve got a variety of salads.  In the past, a handful of my friends have become obsessed with Riley’s chicken fingers, which are delicious.  They also have a large variety of side items, including loaded potato salad!  Every single day they have a daily special dinner at an affordable price, which on this occasion I ordered and got roasted chicken.  I wasn’t expecting an entire chicken, though!  To drink I suggest Cherry Coke.  The food here is really top-notch.

I really can’t say enough about this place; it truly defines my ideal restaurant experience in terms of service, food, and atmosphere.  It’s a nice change from fast food, fancy bistros, and loud sports bars.  Sometimes it’s nice to seek out little places, where quality and customer satisfaction really are important.  Thank you Riley’s!

Overall Grade: A+ 

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