Sunday, July 31, 2005

Halloween Mix candy

So the other afternoon I went to Cracker Barrel for some lunch and on the way out I was compelled to look around their infamous "country store".  I fumbled upon these candies and was compelled to know more.  I was inexplicably drawn to the simple packaging and the treats it held.  After sitting around my room for a few days, I finally gave in to the urge and opened the bag up.  Below you'll see my findings along with some comments on each.

Let's start things off with the best of the bunch.  The black bat looked, well, relatively like an actual bat.  The bat candies tasted like blackberries, which was an interesting albeit satisfying choice.  If we were going for realism, though, then they'd need to make the bats taste like blood, or at least iron.

Next up is the iconic Halloween symbol, the pumpkin.  Now, I was thinking that this was going to actually taste like pumpkin, instead it tasted like an orange!  Who in the hell has ever ate an orange flavored pumpkin?

I went from being baffled to becoming a little happier.  The white ghost not only is the coolest looking of the bunch, he tastes pretty good, too.  On a realism scale, I'd have no idea what to base his flavor upon, maybe mold.  The candy itself is a mystery, with no real discernible flavor, just sort of tart.

And we've saved the worst for last.  This little nugget of wonder is supposed to be a moon.  I can kind of see where this fits into the whole theme, but that's not the worst part.  It's a banana-flavored moon!  Imagine my reaction when I found out our whole solar system is based upon a phallic shaped fruit.

I was pleased with my purchase in the end.  All of the little blemishes didn't really deter me, and the candy itself is an improvement over the typical hard tart candy.  It was a Halloween Mix indeed, and I'm curious whose idea it was to market this little bag of Halloween inspired candy.  Nitpicking aside, I'd give these my personal recommendation and if you do make it down to a local Cracker Barrel soon, see if you can't find a package to investigate yourself.

Overall Grade: B+ 

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