Friday, July 1, 2005

Totino’s – Mexican Style Rolls – Cheesy Taco

I’ve been a big fan of Totino’s Pizza Rolls for at least a decade now.  Who hasn’t been?  The originator of the often duplicated “pizza roll”, Totino’s has always been on top of the heap.  I, too, am a huge fan of Mexican food… I just love it.  So, obviously, when I heard that Totino’s had created Mexican dining inspired rolls, my reaction was more than just enthusiastic.

First off, you’re probably wondering the same thing I was, what kind of flavor is Cheesy Taco?  Well, alright, most tacos are served with cheese so… I think I can accept it as a valid choice.  My expectations weren’t real high; unfortunately I had pegged Totino’s to fail on this attempt.  I expected due to lack of flavor ingenuity, they’d just put a lot of generic taco seasoning powder in and overpower the palette.

Well, I’m glad to say I was absolutely… wrong!    The ingredients are as follows: taco seasoned beef, cheese, and tomato sauce in a crust.  The beef isn’t overly artificially flavored, and has a rather yummy taste, and the combination of the melted cheese and tomato sauce blend together perfectly.  Everything mixes together well, no one particular taste is too powerful, and the overall flavor was very tasty to my liking.  In short, these are exceptionally good, and quite possibly a new favorite in the Totino’s line.

Overall Grade: A 

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