Tuesday, July 12, 2005

TMNT - Toddler Turtles

The toy gods have finally spoken, and they’ve let it be known that we’ve been a very loyal and appreciative group, and thus awarded us with what we’ve always dreamt of… baby ninja turtles!

I don’t care if you ride a motorcycle and your name is Butch; these things are freaking adorable!  Here, our beloved turtles “are in their earliest stages of ninja training”.  The back of the box points out some highlights; including eager expressions, funky full-head bandanas, and punch-absorbing way-phat baby fat.  Those are the words of the marketing department, not mine!

All four characters have their own unique signature weapons giving us a glimpse of what the future holds; training sai, bo staff, katana sword, and nunchaku.   The action figures have somewhat limited mobility, the arms and legs do move, but only marginally.  However, the design, both in terms of sculpture and paint is flawless.  These things would make great toys for youths, or inspired desk decorations for the more adult crowed.

I truly like these, and think that they’re something most fellow TMNT fans will also appreciate.  You get all four toddler turtles for the price of one standard action figure, which is swell, and you can always go back to the toy store and pick up villain Razor Fist next time… nobody else is buying him.

I wanted to see how an animal would react to these; that is, if their charm would have the same effect on a canine as it did with myself.  Well, judging from the accompanying pictures above… you can make your own decision.  Now, if I could just get my hands on some of that mutagen stuff that bathed and chemically altered the turtles, I could create my very own radical samurai dog!

Overall Grade: A 

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