Sunday, July 3, 2005

Totino’s – Pizza Rolls – Combination

Arguably the perennial Totino’s roll, Combination combines sausage and pepperoni pizza together in one flavorful hybrid.  As a youth, this flavor, more so than all the others, is the one I most closely link my pizza roll memories to.  As an adult, I’ve acquired tastes for the finer things in life… theatre, art, Pac-Man.  Would Combination live up to its reputation?

Here’s a piping hot plate of Combination rolls, and Daredevil makes a cameo to oversee the lunch lunacy.  The verdict?  I can’t really say that I wholeheartedly enjoyed this endeavor.  Maybe nostalgia had portrayed these incorrectly, because unfortunately they didn’t meet my standards.  I don’t know, perhaps I just didn’t have the appetite for them that particular morning, of maybe it was my body’s way of telling me eating Totino’s rolls twice a day for my only meals was a bad idea.  Regardless, the taste struck me as rather blasé; too many indiscriminate sausage pieces overwhelmed me.  I don’t plan on abandoning all hope on Combination quite yet, though, and will return to this childhood favorite again in the future.  Perhaps it’s the allure of the new Mexican Style Rolls line that has stolen my freezer burnt heart.

Overall Grade: C+