Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Totino’s – Sandwich Rolls – Ham & Cheese

I’ll admittedly say that of all the varieties sampled, I had the lowest expectations for this one.  I doubted Ham & Cheese as being a viable flavor for a snack roll, I mean, a Hot Pocket, perhaps, but in this form?  I thought it was too simplistic to compete with other more marketable choices, and for the most part my initial concerns were right.

These weren’t bad, really, but were nowhere close to what I’d consider good either.  The taste wasn’t bad, just… lacking.  My Mom suggested dipping them in mustard, which was a swell idea, although not enough to technically save these from doom.  She even made her patented fried green tomatoes to increase the meal’s awesomeness quotient, and though stellar per usual, I still couldn’t get passed the roll’s inadequacies.  Sure, I can see these being a good snack for Mom’s to make for kids on the move, but those with a more vested interest in their personal dining experience, I’d suggest seeking elsewhere.

Overall Grade: C 

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