Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Totino’s – Sandwich Rolls – Cheeseburger

Whoever’s idea it was to invent the cheeseburger snack roll was either magnificent or masochistic.  That monumental question aside, someone at Totino’s corporate is responsible for these.  Ask your grandparents to tell you their cheeseburger stories and you’ll likely be whisked away to a simpler time when kids sat around on Friday nights drinking milkshakes, eating fries and burgers, and accusing each other of being communists.

Elektra used her sais as kabobs and fed me each morsel.  Out of all of the varieties I’ve recently consumed, these were the hardest to gauge on the satisfactory scale.  It took me until nearly completing my meal before I had a vague decision rendered.  Although not uniformly bad, I couldn’t see myself dining on these too many more times in the future.  The cheese is a little too much, especially for those of the more health conscious crowd.  In fact, I think Totino’s would be making a wise decision to scrap the Sandwich Rolls line altogether.  I’d really only recommend these to people with a naturally strong inclination to try them; you’ll most likely be disappointed.

As a final treat to all of you for making it through Totino’s week here on Review the World, I present you a special prize!  I found this disturbing sight and thought it’d make a nice gift from me to you.  Thanks for reading!

Overall Grade: C- 

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