Monday, March 19, 2007

Justice League - Hot Wheels Atomix

Why the famed Justice League would need cars is beyond me – Superman and Hawkgirl can fly, Green Lantern can use his ring’s powers to levitate and travel that way, The Flash is faster than the speed of light, and even Wonder Woman has that awesome invisible jet.  And, even if they’d actually want vehicles, you’d think they’d go with something less showy, like a new Ferrari, instead of a car that doubles as a giant billboard advertising whom the owner is.

Hawkgirl has the most leisurely ride, so her and sometimes lover Hawkman can cruise around a metropolitan city after some Italian food and opera.   Wonder Woman’s car is supposed to be invisible, but that’s rendered useless, by the giant yellow logo that appears three times.

Superman’s car not only has red rims, but also red windshields!  I can’t imagine any situation that Superman would need to use a car as a mode of transportation.  One interesting aside, his car is the only one that doesn’t feature a Hot Wheels logo anywhere on it.  I give Green Lantern style points; his sporty ride is definitely the most visually appealing.  Lastly, The Flash’s car, complete with grotesque yellow windows, and some giant mustard colored piece of machinery near the backend, that’d look more appropriate in the factories of Uptown Sinclair’s The Jungle than a car.

Ultimately, these are kind of neat little keepsakes, depending on your degree of interest on the show, and how cheap you can find them.  I got pretty lucky, scoring them on clearance for $1.24.  So, I’m definitely happy with my purchase – even if I’m not a huge fan of the designs.  Any more than $5.00, though, and you’re better off buying an action figure, or better yet, putting that money towards the four-disc Justice League - Season Two DVD set.  It seems an obvious choice would have been Batman’s beloved Batmobile, but what do I know?

Overall Grade: B-