Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RtW All-Star Team: Hot Sauce Challenge

Review the World contributors Brian Hammons (RtW webmaster), Jessie and Steve (from Bro Cave, OBT, etc.), Tim (RtW YouTube webisodes), and Paul (Go! Road Trip, T.N.T., etc.) sample four punishing hot sauces as selected by friend and fellow webmaster Will (of Veggiemacabre fame). Watch as the boys taste, squirm, sweat, shed manly tears, and, of course, vomit! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Carolina Slaw Dog - Casey's Corner Magic Kingdom WDW

This is me trying out the Carolina Slaw Dog from Casey's Corner on Main St. in Magic Kindgom at Walt Disney World. I'm actually trying it inside the Main St. Bakery though. It's not really a full-fledged review (more of a quick taste test) as this was the last meal, last day of our trip, and our boy was exhausted. Thought I'd share!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Kool-Aid Red, White 'n Blue Summer Punch

Kool-Aid is a beloved property and for those nostalgia junkies we’ll still routinely buy it just for the memories.  It’s quite rare nowadays to see any new Kool-Aid flavors.  At the height of their popularity they were trying absolutely anything and we were more than game to try out each new flavor as it arrived on grocery store shelves.  Sadly you don’t see that sort of excitement in children’s powdered beverages anymore.  A real shame I declare.  But, while picking up some stuff the other night I happened to stumble upon this little 0.16oz packet of awesomeness.  A new flavor!  And it’s seasonally themed!  I hope the security guard in his little darkened room (that’s how TV has taught me to perceive them) wasn’t watching Aisle 23 as I danced a little jig of exultant joy.  The Kool-Aid Man’s back, and he’s patriotic, bitch!

Everyone who’s ever opened a packet of Kool-Aid knows that strong aroma of a freshly opened pouch of powdery heaven.  Of note is the powder’s red color as its part of the new flavor’s color-changing gimmick (fancy!).

Besides being blurry this picture is my best shot at demonstrating (again) the powder in its original red hue.

Presto!  When water hits the powder it magically transforms into a blue drinkable.  Isn’t science groovy?  Watch the clip above to see it with your own eyes but not recommended for those carrying child or with previous heart conditions.

There was really no reason to include this shot but I thought it made my newfound pitcher of blue drink look monolithic and imposing.  I like that.

And there’s the money shot!  Toss in a few ice cubs and you’re ready to roll.  I want to get this image airbrushed onto a shirt and wear it all summer long (unless I have to attend any unforeseen funerals as that’d be discourteous, damn you etiquette!).

Pour yourself a glass in a favorite mug, glass, or doggy bowl and drink, sip, or lap it up real good!

A new flavor!  It’s seasonal!  It’s got a ridiculous color-changing gimmick!  This just ticks off of the boxes on the radical checklist.  It’s pretty damn tasty, too.  Over time I’ve soured on blue candies, drinks, etc. but if you tasted this blindly you’d think it cherry or fruit punch (which it sort of is, just, well in the hue of Papa Smurf’s joystick).  It might just be mental trickery but every time I come in from the hot summer sun and find this waiting for me in my fridge I instantly get a big, goofy smile on my face.  Bravo, Kool-Aid!  Please keep the new, fun flavors coming, as both longtime fans like me will appreciate it but also for the next generation of kids who deserve their own surprises and disappearing drinks to lionize on websites decades after they’re gone.

Overall Grade: A