Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RtW Webisodes Directory

The RtW Webisodes are the precursor to what is now known as The Brian and Tim Show.  Similarly to that show, during this series my sole function was in-front of the camera as a co-host, unlike everything else on RtW, creative control (editing, production, etc.) was in the hands of my pals Adam S. and Tim (Team Sandnut Productions).

Season Three

Brian and Tim are back with all new reviews including the return of an old favorite of RTW webisode lore.

Brian and Tim return with an all new webisode where they try a wild and massive selection of dollar store drinks.

The RTW TV crew is back again with more new content. In this episode Brian and Tim take a Mondo Squeezers juice drink challenge and discuss the virtues of a Slim Jim Caribbean Jerk beef stick. In solo reviews, Brian looks at some dollar store Play-Doh and Tim tries a Japanese restaurant in the local mall. Did we mention also there is a ninja battle of epic porportions?

After a year absence, Review the World TV returns in HD with all new content. In this, the first of our new episodes, Brian and Tim review Dale Earnhardt Jr's "Big Mo" candy bars, a kids fish toss game, and an Arizona gift bag. Brian goes solo looking at Super Mario gummy candy. Finally, in a new segment called "On the Street", Brian gives us a walking tour of downtown Hamilton, Ohio. A lot of stuff in this jam-packed first episode!

Season Two

#23 - Easter Basket of Crap 

#22 - The Hot Sauce Challenge 

Season One

#20 - Summer Fun

#15 - Martian Matter Alien Playset 

#14 - Bag of Crap #2 

#11 - Bag of Crap #1 

#4 - Jones Soda Dessert Pack 

#3 - The TV Dinner Challenge 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

OBT presents: Chicks Dig Scars #11

This is an ongoing series from the "Oh, Brother!" Team. Watch us laugh heartily as we hurt ourselves sliding down hills, going down stairs in computer chairs, jumping in bushes, riding shopping carts, pulling pranks, breaking hearts, and other misc. tomfoolery.