Saturday, November 20, 2010

Review the World TV - "Pilot" Episode

A never before seen exclusive! This three-part video was our first attempt at a Review the World "TV show" back in January of 2004 -- so it actually pre-dates the era of RtW. Hosted by RtW creator Brian and former contributor Nick, the guys review all sorts of random things in a fun romp into the world of review!

Christmas capsules that grow in water, sour spray paint candy, Pirates of the Caribbean theatrical poster, Deli Jelly Pizza 

The Matrix: Tank action figure, Mountain Holler soda, Guacamole! Doritos, Transformer Robot Team action figure 

G.I. Joe Commando Attack board game, Nestle Wonderballs - Christmas edition, M&M Mini's - Sinbad edition, Brian drinks "black death"