Monday, July 4, 2005

Totino’s – Pizza Rolls – Supreme

I’ll come right out and say that this is my favorite variety of Totino’s rolls.  This particular flavor combines both meat and vegetables in a splendid blend of pizza paradise.  What makes Supreme the supreme leader of the pack?  Let’s investigate further!

The most striking feature is, besides your usual meat additions, this snack roll contains onions, mushrooms, and peppers!  The combined flavors create a unique roll, much more authentically Italian in taste.  To the uninitiated, I’d place Supreme atop my recommendations, because it singularly showcases exactly what makes Totino’s Pizza Rolls so irresistible.  No other variety better exemplifies how great a snack you can produce with 10 minutes and a standard oven.  It’ll be hard for Totino’s to ever top these.

Overall Grade: A 

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