Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sour Flush - Candy Plunger

I’ve had this thing sitting around my basement forever.  It’s from a company called KIDSMANIA, and essentially it’s a candy toilet.  The official name is “Sour Flush – Candy Plunger with Sour Powder Dip” and I selected the raspberry variety.

Here’s a look at the rather ridiculous packaging.  In it, the kid’s going absolutely nuts on an actual toilet as he’s plunging it while licking it’s interior.  Hell, upon closer inspection you can see the contents of the toilet splashing out, as water soaks the poor bastard who merely had a peculiar craving.

Here’s a look at the suckers, or plungers, that you get with this atrocity.  I kept one in the package.  The color was a light brown, which signified a few things, none of which I’m able to currently discuss.

Regardless, I wasn’t finding the irony in sticking a brown object into a novelty toilet and eating it very funny.

Here’s the final result, a sticky brown morsel covered in a sour sugary coating.  I gave an earnest attempt at eating this, but after one or two licks decided it’d be better suited in the trash instead of my poor stomach.  I’d recommend this to about absolutely nobody.

Overall Grade: D 

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