Thursday, June 14, 2007

Air Heads - TMNT Kickin' Lime

I was in my kitchen raiding my niece’s candy collection when I stumbled upon this gem.  Free taffy is exciting enough in its own right, but, when it’s tied to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I’m ready to trade away my life’s savings just for a taste.  TMNT is enjoying a pretty legit resurgence, with the original series seeing top-notch DVD releases, a recently released CGI-animated feature film, and staggering toys sales.  Being an avid longtime fan, my only response is, “cowbunga, dude!”

My first thought upon opening up my Kickin’ Lime taffy was its bright green color.  Too light to be comparable to the turtles themselves, I instead, in my head, likened it to the mutagen chemical that originally turned them from pet store orphans to kung-fu fighting, pizza loving, wise-cracking warriors.  Then, I remembered that I’d seen this exact color before, when I reviewed the Watermelon flavor long ago.  So dashed my hopes of inspired originality, as it’s just an old retread formula.

But as a flavor, Kickin’ is certainly an appropriate title, as this taffy is full of flavor.  As far as kids go, I can’t see them being too big on the taste.  The people who I think may appreciate it, adults who’ve come to like lime with certain drinks and dishes, aren’t in a demographic that usually buys candies, especially ones with ridiculous mascots like red balloons with George Foreman’s nose.

In the end, it won’t be taste or color that’s remembered, but that Air Heads was rad enough to put out a flavor of taffy in homage to our favorite turtles.  I like to think of Michelangelo, comfortably sitting on a sofa in the sewers under Manhattan, eating a piece of Kickin’ Lime taffy while Donatello is tinkering in the background, making some last-minute repairs to April ‘O Neil’s vibrator.

Overall Grade: B 

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