Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Batman Infinity - Episode #2

Batman Infinity was a short-lived series some friends and I created, an alternative universe retelling taking the popular Batman mythos and introducing new perspectives on old stories and characters from the comic book zeitgeist.

In this, the second episode, I think it's fair to say, after a surprisingly well received and fun debut, we had a misfire. The episode, and its video portions here on YouTube, can be broken into its three parts:

Part 1 - One very long take, no cuts, of Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) and Bruce Banner (Batman) taking a walk together while holding a conversation. Its mostly expository dialogue, Hal reveals his recent journey to outer space visiting the Green Lantern Corps and inheriting his powers, talk of the mysterious Martian Manhanuter who made an auspicious debut in the first episode, and other misc. verbose banter.

Part 2 - My favorite scene in Batman Infinity lore, the interrogation of Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow) by Batman. In it, the actors lost it momentarily and laughed, as cameraman, I made a decision not to cut, but to keep filming forcing them to improvise and continue on. After that this portion is focused on Green Lantern finding common criminal Matt Hagen and in their ensuing fight, accidently turning him into monstrous villain Clayface.

Part 3 - Similarly to the too long opening scene, the ending battle is rather lengthy, partly, goofy enough as it is, because we were intent on destroying a piece of furniture in my parents' backyard so we kept drawing out the initial fight as we spontaneously thought of how to destroy it. Then the fight draws towards the back of the yard, where, temporarily knocking both Batman and Green Lantern out of the fight, Clayface dastardly flees the scene.

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